The Duplicity of the First Encounter


La Compass du Nuit

Days Are Countries

Five minute preview of the landscape portrait film Days Are Countries. 

Contrary to the often-sensationalized images typical of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Days Are Countries takes a measured approach at portraying the East Jerusalem Arab neighborhood of Al-Ram. Filmed in 2008, as the community finds itself on both sides of the newly constructed Separation Barrier, one side cast off as the West Bank and the other sanctioned to Israel. The images in the film indicate the separation will undoubtedly be a painful one; most poignantly depicted in a heavily trafficked and not yet finished gap in the Wall. The film surveys the human costs of security and finds a community split not by ideological nor racial hatred but, rather indiscriminatingly, by a physical barrier. This barrier appears in the film as a main character, silent and omnipresent, it’s presence inescapably felt. The legitimacy of the political mechanizations behind the Wall’s existence begs to be questioned as the film intimately documents the resilience of the people of Al Ram.  Days Are Countries is a film about a neighborhood divided visually and a community that visibly endures.

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